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Class of 1982 35th Reunion$ 40.00
Normandie Farms
10710 Falls Road
Potomac, MD
Begins at 7:00 PM
Meal Stations and Hors d'oeuvres
Cash Bar
When:October 14, 2017 7 PM
Where:Normandie Farms
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Guest Purchased Tickets
Alisa Blitz (Blitz-Seibert)
Amy Burrage (Barnett)
Amy Stevens
Ana Salazar
Andee Forster
AnnMarie Gorman (Caparrotta)
Beth Kreider
Betsy Vendette (Cheakalos)
Brett Kreider
Brian Densel
Bruce Livingstone
Christie Renick (Kite)
Clare Jeffery (Delaney)
Clare Anne Betz (Bridgens)
Connie O'Neill (Lueders)
Curtis Lu
David Steckler
Eddie Obendorfer
Ellen Splaver
Eric Judkins
Eric Stewart
Glenda Shugars
Heather McCulloch (Brown)
Ilena Marks (Kipnis)
Ingo Mayr
Jane Hill (Hartsock)
Jaqie Gilbert (Keady)
Jeannie Atkins (Brunner)
John Parsons
Jonathan Feibus
Jonathan Forster
Julie Chickering
Julie Renick (Hessels)
Julie Rodgers
Karen Creighton
Karen Feibus
Kathleen "Beanie" Mclister (Power)
Kathy Johnson
Ken Rosenthal
Kevin Adams
Kevin Jackson
Kim Obendorfer
Leigh Randolph (Matthews)
Lisa Gwyn (Paar)
Liz Cosgrove (Cleaves)
Lori Santini (Egbers)
Lori Early (Kravchick)
Lou Carmona
Marc Moore
Margaret Lang (Sears)
Maria M Salazar-Wichmann
Marla Schwartz
Martin Rinehart
Marybeth Levin (Lapham)
MaryRose Wolfe (Reed)
Matt Keady
Maureen Triggs
Mike Hancock
Mike Singer
Mike Voss
Nancy Fassett
Noelle Donati
Paige Schuyler
Pam Bowie (Balla)
Paul Trench
Richard Hesby
Richard Seibert
Richard Zdanis
Rick Harrison
Rita Moore (Thurmon)
Rob Chickering
Roger Marks
Ronnie Kalimon
Scott "Lulu" Lewis
Selina Kalimon
Soly Zdanis
Stephen Freilich
Steve Spouse (Balla)
Steve Baumgartner
Steve Creighton
Susan Kay
Susan Singer
Suzanne Liebow (Kenny)
Suzette Gaston (Mitchell)
Thomas Hartsock
Vernon Johnson
Warren Bae
Wendy Steckler
William Warren
Total 89